Impact Stories

Jireh's Impact Stories

Facility Strengthening

PHC Uyarako was commissioned on 31st December, 2007. It brought great joy to the community and communities around as they hoped to get quick health attention since they had over 7KM distance to travel to the closest PHC. After years of fruitful operation, the PHC was confronted with a huge challenge; the Officer in charge of the PHC was not available at the health centre. This was compounded by the fact that the PHC management committee was in disarray because its chairman died suddenly. For close to a year, the PHC was not being properly ran. Consequently, the community members were back to attending PHCs far outside their community (Eg PHC Atighir, 7KM away). Being very worried by the development, the CDC members of Mbabuluku and Mbaabanyam teamed up to find a lasting solution. They met severally and decided to employ the services of a health personnel within their community pending...

Humanitarian Services

Mrs. shulumshima Terna is a 30 years old mother with two children. She was displaced from Sev-Av in Logo, Benue State in Nigeria due to Fulani herdsmen attack and has been in camp for 15 months without support from any organization. She became part of the Jireh Doo Foundation (JDF) project after a detail assessment was conducted at Gbeji camp in Ukum local government area and enlisted for support. She was given lots of items but she pick interest in two (Mat and LLIN). Having a two month old child, the LLIN was of great benefit for her. She said: the nets will be helpful as I will sleep with my child inside now that the rain is coming and will prevent him from different diseases. For the mat, she narrated that though she had a mat before, it was stolen when she went to deliver her child and...

Family Planning

22 year old Mrs Laadi Kwaghga of Mbasaka community lives with her husband and a 2 year old child. According to her; it was almost dreadful when she started giving birth having seen the effect of poor spacing on other women in the community. So when Jireh Doo Foundation through their community health agents introduced her to messages on family planning, it was a big relief. She explained that the health agent provided education to her and other women in the community on the meaning of family planning as a means of birth control and not a way to stop childbirth as was perceived by some. They were also exposed to different methods available for their use. Laadi is using injectibles as she finds that most convenient for her. This she said is because all she needs to do when she wants to give birth again is...