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Mr Akor Ligom is a farmer who hails from Mbahaver community in Mbaketsa ward of Kwande Local Government Area. He is 65 years old/of age having one wife and many children. Akor became part of the project during a community wide triggering that held in his community in early December 2015. Mr Akor was visited upon claims from his community health Agent that he has completed construction of his toilet and already in use. Interactions with Akor reveal his new and different experience within his environment. He confessed that before the triggering, he had two toilets but both collapsed and he could not construct new ones as he was lazy. He kept on practicing open defecation until after the triggering which strengthened him to construct a new one. He stated that, looking for clear paths in the bush to defecate was a challenge, It is not even safe especially at...

Malaria Prevention

Ngodoo Kyobo lives in Mbaav community, a rural area in Kwande local government area. She is 33 years and farms together with her husband to earn a living. Ngodoo is one among other beneficiaries of SCHH project who shared how activities of CHAs within her community have impacted her life positively. Due to the project, Ngodoo began attending ANC after the visit of a health agent in her community. Before the visit, Ngodoo had no LLIN and was not fond of LLIN even though her husband offered to purchase one for her safety. According to her, she preferred to use other insecticide killer (novan). She narrated that one thing she did not like with novan was that as soon as the smell fades, mosquitoes will start biting her. During her ANC, she was given a LLIN which she started using due to perseverance by the CHA and...


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